Om Deborahs Extraknäck

What is DEBORAHS EXTRAKNÄCK knäckebröd? It is a swedish hard bread…but not just any hard bread…

DEBORAHS EXTRAKNÄCK är bakat med kärlek på ett stenugnsbageri till förmån för konst-och designundervisningen för barn och ungdomar.  Etiketterna är ett konstverk baserade på Deborahs namn. Bilderna på etiketterna idag är teckningsövningar i linjer och form.

DEBORAHS EXTRAKNÄCK is baked with love at a stone oven bakery in Stockholm, Sweden, for the benefit of art and design education for young people.

Our labels are works of art based on Deborahs name. The images on the labels today are drawing exercises on lines and shapes.


One of my first batches!


It all began one day during Easter break of 2008. I had nothing to do….or at least nothing that I wanted to do….

For quite some time I have had a thought in the back of my head that I would like to make my own knäckebröd (swedish hard bread), but never really got around to it! Now suddenly I had the time, so I studied some various recipes and techniques, and got to work!

We were invited to spend Easter Sunday together with some good friends, so I took my knäckebröd as a gift to them….beautifully presented, of course!

It was such a huge success, that I baked it again the following week for another dinner with some good friends, whom instantly teased me for turning Swedish on them after all these years! (I have lived in Sweden since 1984) But then they started tasting my knäckebröd, and they could not believe their taste buds…..they thought it was absolutely the BEST knäckebröd that they had ever ever tasted!!! To make a long story a little bit shorter, they started insisting that I should start selling it.

I am NOT a baker, I am a graphic designer and pedagogue, teaching art and design to children, teens and adults. And I was struggling just keeping my business afloat.

When we got to dessert….I threw a challenge back at them…..namely….what will this fantastic knäckebröd be called???? ha ha, not expecting the answer I got!

A few moments of silence….then suddenly my friend Lasse shouts out: DEBORAHS EXTRAKNÄCK!

Needless to say…..that was it for me….it just clicked in my head… I just had to do it!! I no longer had any choice! And after preaching to my students about creativity, and daring to take risks, I really could not say no.

Being a graphic designer, the label design just suddenly materialized, and by the time I woke up the following morning, the entire concept was concieved:

It was to be, quite simply, an artistic knäckebröd – knäckekonst!

I could bake the bread at Fantasihuset, my studio and art school, because I just so happen to have a café permit…..I had a group of young artists who had previoulsy driven a weekly creative café at Fantasihuset ( And it would be baked by artists, designers, photographers, musicians… It would be sold through cultural institutions and small specialty shops, and profits would go towards the support of art and design education for children and teens. The labels would be pieces of art in themselves….a play on my name “DEBORAH”, the first being a series of exercises on line and form based on their own name that I had given as an assignment to my art students. Artists would be invited to do their own version of the label, and could even influence the taste of the bread. And all of this as an Extraknäck! (an “extraknäck” is an extra job – moonlighting in english) I could see it all. It not only ties together all of my various endeavors… work as a graphic designer and my passion for art and design education for children and teens – but it gives me the opportunity to keep in touch with all of the amazingly creative people I know!


The next step was to put it to the test. Within 2 weeks, on the 12th of april, I had 2 friends with vernissages. I asked them if they would mind having some of my knäckebröd for snacks. Again, the knäckebröd was a success at both exhibitions.

As a matter of fact, everyone that I speak to about Deborahs Extraknäck become instantly happy……its such an amazing story!! and everyone thinks that it is a great idea!! And of course it does help that it tastes so good as well!

Now to explain the name:

Extraknäck is swedish for moonlighting! Knäckebröd is a swedish hard bread. So it is a play on words. Therefore the name Deborahs Extraknäck knäckebröd.

The possiblities are endless, and we have only just begun!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Om Deborahs Extraknäck

  1. Vilken fin hemsida ditt extraknäck har! Och vad härligt att se att du har förverkligat idén. Jag minns när vi satt i din målarsal och du berättade om idén för mig. Precis som du skriver så klickade det till i mig och jag fattade på en gång vilken ofantligt bra idé du hade. All lycka i framtiden med knäckeriet!

    Jag undrar om jag kanske har en ny smak till ditt knäckebröd. Jag har en favoritkrydda som jag köper på Oil & Vinegar i Västermalmsgallerian. Den heter Fruscetta – Italian dried herb mix with mango. Det är torkad tomat och torkad mango med vitlök, salt, basilika, oregano och söt paprika. Jag använder den till precis allt och allt smakar helt underbart med den. Kanske kan bli ett lite sötare efterrättsknäcke eller ett knäcke att ha till sallad. Om vi ses i höst ska du få en burk av mig så du kan prova.

  2. This is a wonderful poem … and a wonderful story … that shows what passion, creativity and hard work (not to mention talent) can achieve. I LOVE this bread — and my sister and brother-in-law. Sandy (in San Luis Obispo, California)

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