Deborahs Extraknäck is mentioned in the March – May issue of Elle Mat & Vin (Elle Food & Wine, swedish edition, mars-maj 2009)!

Here is the translation from Swedish:

Hardbread Art. Deborahs Extraknäck is great as snacks, crispy and chewy at the same time. The knäckebröd comes in three flavors (the sesame and pumpkin seed with sea salt is unanimously the favorite here at Elle!) and is baked by artists, actors and poets at Fantasihuset in Stockholm, an art and design school for children and teens. The labels are decorated with drawing exercises and are pieces of art in themselves. 50 kronor per package.

DEBORAHS EXTRAKNÄCK was also mentioned in an article in the local paper “vi i vasastan”. The article was about “Matdistriktet” – the gourmet foodstore that sells our knäckebröd!

GOURMET magasine, Swedish edition, number 01, 2010 – DEBORAHS EXTRAKNÄCK is mentioned in the section “Gott och blandat”. “Deborahs Extraknäck med pumpakärnor, sesamfrön och havssalt är ett utmärkt drinktilltugg”. “Deborahs Extraknäck with pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sea salt is an excellent cocktail snack”.

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